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the butchdick collection:
drawings of naked men by san francisco artist loren j. macias

My latest addition: pig fuck

Original, large prints, small prints, and t-shirts available
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2009 Wall Calendars Still Available!!!
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navigating the site is easy: just click a category on the left, choose a sub-category, then get out some lube, enjoy the show. when you've wiped off, buy something, dammit!

a warning: Some people don't like seeing homoerotic images, 'art' or otherwise. I don't try to understand this, but I must warn those not interested, those under the age of consent in your state or country, and anyone else who simply doesn't want to see these images: this site is not for you. This site is for those who want to see these images, for those who can appreciate them. All others have no business here.

check out my favorite magazine...i insist

all images copyright loren j. macias 2009. information is never sold or shared. charges appear as "lorenarts"